Saturday October 9th, 7-10:16pm

Dinner and a Show: Occidental Gypsy

An exhilarating blend of gypsy, jazz and folk music that enraptures the listener with a complex acoustic sound

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Internationally acclaimed Occidental Gypsy plays anexhilarating blend of gypsy, jazz and folk music thatenraptures the listener with a complex acoustic sound,burnished by smooth vocals reminiscent of the first era ofswing. Their pioneering approach to Gypsy music payshomage to Django Reinhardt and expands the genre toinclude elements of western (Occidental) sounds andrhythms, including blues, Klezmer and Latin. Their originalsongs are deeply complex and challenging to execute, andare often considered a “natural evolution” of Reinhardt’ssounds were he still alive today. Their energetic shows havegarnered them fans among the most discerning musicians,and new gypsy lovers alike.

Occidental Gypsy will perform new original pieces and classiccovers from their latest CD "44070," including twohistorically-based human rights songs, which feel relevanttoday.

44070/Song for Vrba is a tribute and musical illustration of theescape of Rudof Vrba and Alfred Wetzler from the Auschwitzconcentration camp during WWII. Subsequent to the escape ,the two men compiled a report describing the massexecutions occurring at the camp and therefore was able tohalt deportations from Budapest saving upwards of 100,000people.

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