Friday October 29th, 7-10:16pm

Dinner and a Show: organissimo (Organ Trio)

"...stretches the boundaries of the traditional organ trio with bits of funk, blues, Latin, groove, and New Orleans influences." ~ Jazzweek

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"But what I like best about the band are the one-for-all mentality and the attention to details of dynamics, pacing and groove. These guys will put a smile on your face and keep it there."
~ Detroit Free Press

You might notice of something different at an organissimo performance. The audience isn't the typical homogenous "jazz" audience. You'll see a healthy mix of people from all walks of life; young and old, black and white, from hippies to corporate professionals and everything in between. organissimo's music skirts over fences and satisfies a diverse range of tastes. You're as likely to see people dancing as a group of folks intently listening.

As American cultural critic Elvis Mitchell wrote after witnessing a show at Baker's Keyboard Lounge, "The group's toned, muscular playing keeps the crowd rapt, a condition noticeable by the fact that almost no one is talking."

organissimo formed in November of 2000 with the goal of bringing jazz back to the people. organissimo's sound is instantly identifiable yet constantly evolving, infusing elements of funk, gospel, blues, progressive rock, and Latin rhythms into a solid foundation of jazz. Shifting meters, deep grooves, melodic finesse and tight ensemble interplay are hallmarks of the organissimo sound.

music has received numerous awards. The latest CD, Dedicated, released in January of 2013, hit #5 on the JazzWeek charts and stayed in the Top 10 for 8 weeks. It hit #1 on the CMJ jazz charts and was named one of the Top 10 CDs of 2013. It received airplay on over 200 stations including Comcast's MusicChoice and XM/Sirius Radio.

album, Groovadelphia, topped the CMJ Jazz Charts for three weeks at #1 and stayed in the JazzWeek Top 50 for 14 weeks, peaking at #22. It won two WYCE Jammie Awards for Best Jazz Album and Best Song and was also named one of the Best Releases of 2008 by WVPE, KJAZZ, CKCU-FM, and Jim Wilke's Jazz After Hours program, syndicated on over 60 NPR stations nationwide. It is also nominated for a Detroit Music Award.

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