Live Stream: Fri. May 8, 6-8 p.m.

Dr. Peter Larson Solo Nyatiti

Dr. Peter Larson harnesses raw, rhythmic, and spiritual improvisational energy, blending traditional tunes with structured improvisations.

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Dr. Pete Larson plays the nyatiti, an eight stringed lyre native to the Siaya region of Western Kenya, where he studied under one of the last masters of the instrument, Mzee Oduor Nyagweno. A native of Michigan via Mississippi, Dr. Larson also operates Dagoretti Records, a label devoted to releasing East African and East African inspired musics. Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band features a revolving door set of local and international musicians of all kinds. Tonight, he will be accompanied by Dave Sharp, a staple of the Ann Arbor music scene on synth, and Mike List, one of the finest and most innovative percussionists in the area.

Dr Peter Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti band harnesses raw, rhythmic, and spiritual improvisational energy in their explorations of the open space of the chordless trio. Traditional tunes are blended with structured improvisations built from intentions, concepts, and compositional fragments in the trio’s emergent sonic journeys through the eternal present.

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